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Simple touch offers a 24/7 customer support through the 19715 hotline, this means availability and accessibility. Our partners’ loyalty has been built over time through offering support at any time by any possible mean either over the phone, through online demos, or by technical visits to the doors of our partners.


Our solutions have been built from scratch and developed over time to meet the emerging needs of the market. With 23 years of experience, we can proudly say that our solutions meet the specific needs of F&B market like no other. We know our solution and we adapt it accordingly without supervision or boring processes.


It has been a key factor for us to provide a solution with minimal bugs and crashes. All of our solutions have been greatly tested to maintain long hours of operations and adaptability to every work scenario without delays or crashes.


Our ERP solutions are highly-competitive in the market and this is the normal outcome after a development for our programs that lasted relentlessly over 23 years, and we have given great care to the adjustability of our solutions to match the various needs of our prospects and be tailored to meet their needs and overcome their challenges.


We aim at building long-term relationships with the clients instead of the transactional approach, which turn the prospect of a client to a partner of success whose growth is a top priority. We invested so much in our relationship with our clients and this has turned out with the best outcome of their consistent appraisals and referring us to anyone looking for an ERP solution provider.


We do not wait any more for the trends of the market to define our policies or methodology, we now play the role of the initiator. The proactivity to define a market need and how crucial the need for a solution is became our new competitive edge. Our solutions became a home for innovation and distinction.

Our Signature Products

Simple, efficient & fully-integrated operations. .
Menu Engineering
Inventory Management
Detailed Operational Analyses
Loyalty & Pointing system to Acquire & segment customers data
Visualized dashboard to monitor your Revenue
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Track Orders
Customer Satisfaction
Monitor Performance
Order History
Flexible Pricing
Know More
Efficiently track your financials
Detailed and accurate reporting
Payable and receivable notes management
Credit and Debit accounts' management
Highly-Secure Solution
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Flexible Accessibility
Personalized Notifications
Assign and Execute Action-Plans
Track your operations minute by minute
Countless Reports & Info-Graphs
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All-in-One Payroll Management
Excellent Usability
Time-Keeping Activities
Customizable Payroll Functions
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Central Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Production Administration
Purchasing Module
Information Accessibility
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Increase average order value
Boost repeated purchase rate
Automated loyalty programs
Flexible rewarding schemes
Evaluate your campaign
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A Business fully-controllable, a brand Simply-Remarkable .

Simple Touch offers you the full-spectrum of innovative solutions to fully-operate your business and maximize your profits

We provide the exceptional service, that goes far beyond any quality standard! Register with us and we will contact you to understand your business needs and help you relieve the business pains and maximize its gains.

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