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Anti operational-misuse

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Simplicity of use, Efficiency of operations

Deyafa restaurant POS software is the smart technological solution for the full spectrum of restaurant’s operations. Efficiently, operate all of your service types (dine-in, takeaway, delivery, car service and wireless ordering). Manage your inventory, recipes, production sheets, batches, user rights and order preparation lifetime.
Facilitate your operations’ flow by linking a kitchen & packing screen. Optimize your food & beverage cost. Master the art of engineering your menu, schedule your menu items, assign targets, design your happy hour scheme and exert tailored reports with just few clicks at your fingertips.

All-in-one POS

Flexible operations

Menu Engineering

Products' assessment

Inventory Management

Local stock monitoring


Detailed Operations Analyses

The Solution of Tomorrow

Loyalty integrated and Real-time monitored


Anti operational-misuse

Simplicity is the key


Great user experience and accessibility tailored for facilitating your business operations

High Security

The flow of work is carefully designed to prevent misuse cases from occurence

Eye for Details

Trace all daily entries and edits to keep track of your transactions' details

Your Business Partner

Multi-Operational Options

Flexibility over the operational method of the POS for either delivery, Dine-in, or Take-away orders.

Accounting Facilitator

Effeciently-manage all of your transactions and trace your credit and debit accounts.

Menu Engineering

Enables you to structure & price your menu in a way which makes your customers happy & your business profitable

Vast Array of Complementary Functions

Supplying Orders

Managing and exerting supplying orders from central kitchen, warehouses or directly from the list of available suppliers with cost reference.

Operational Hacks

Featuring all the tricks of the trade for the operation like pay-check split, void management,..etc.


Exert daily accurately-tailored reports from a range of 1000+ reports with the capability of tailoring your own reports.

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