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Deyafa restaurant POS software is the smart technological solution for the full spectrum of restaurant’s operations.


CRM solution designed only for your F&B delivery operations. Hala allows you to lively track your orders, check your inventory, handle customers’ complaints and follow-ups and much more.


Full-Suite software which will be your smart choice for handling your integrated operations with a central warehouse, central procurement unit, central production lines and central management office.


Payroll management software designed to provide an easy way to automate all payroll functions and manage all of your staff data.


Get detailed, accurate and complete financial reports and statements at a glance. Create unlimited number of accounts and notes both receivable and payable.

Deyafa Dashboard

Real-time web-based dashboard and mobile application, by which you can monitor your daily operations minute by minute from anywhere at any time.


Stop wasting your money on unworthy ads or non-appealing promotions, it’s time for the smart solution, DoBites will act as your ultimate marketing tool.

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