Engage your customers

Track their purchasing behavior

Encourage them to spend more

Create the foundations of a data-driven marketing strategy

Your way from good to great

Stop wasting your money on unworthy ads or non-appealing promotions, it’s time for the smart solution, DoBites will act as your ultimate marketing tool. Tailor the right incentive program that can help you encourage your customers to spend more at your stores and maximize the Average order value of your transactions. Invest more in your existing clients and arouse their brand loyalty which will result in increasing your repeated purchase rate,
boosting the traffic rate over your stores and maximizing your total sales numbers tremendously. Also, DoBites mobile application, allows you to activate “online ordering” feature for your customers to increase your profits. DoBites helps you analyze your customers’ purchasing behaviors and data in order to help you adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Nevertheless, DoBites is fully-integrated with your POS software which guarantees the automation of the process with no need for extra work from the side of your employees.

Increase average order value

Encourage your customers to spend more

Boost repeated purchase rate

Increase traffic over your outlets

Online Ordering Module

Activate online ordering feature for your customers through our mobile application

Automated loyalty programs

Fully-integrated with your POS

Flexible rewarding schemes

Tailor your own promotional program

Evaluate your campaign

Exert detailed evaluating reports over your campaigns

Your integrated marketing tool

Maximize your profits

Increase traffic over your outlets and encourage your customers to spend more

Efficient platform

Tailor your own incentive campaigns, target specific customers and choose the right channels for communication

Evaluate your Campaigns

Exert detailed reports evaluating the performance of your campaigns to adjust your course of action

Hire the product that reflects efficiency and experience

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