Monitor all your transactions

Keep track of your operations

Set conditional notifications and take immediate actions

Monitor all of your business functions in real-time

Enable bird eye view on your full operations spectrum

Real-time web-based dashboard and mobile application, by which you can monitor your daily operations minute by minute
from anywhere at any time. Moreover, Deyafa Dashboard allows you to set and design a wide range of customized alerts depending on your business needs.

Real-Time Dashboard

Track your sales and operations minute by minute

Multiple channels

Log in from mobile, tablet or PC

Customized Notifications

Set alerts for personalized functions

Assign and Execute Action-Plans

Assign specific courses of action for your functions and numbers


Data Gathering instantly from all servers to be available at any time

Reports & Info-Graphs

Graphically represent your data and exert reports for all your monitored operations

Your business insights never been more Accessible

Real-Time Accessibility

Track your sales, inventory volume and operations minute by minute via mobile, tablet or PC

Alerting System

Customized Notifications

Accurate Reporting

Graphically represent your data and exert reports for all your monitored operations

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