Monitor all your activities

Minimize the operational errors

Exert detailed reports evaluating the performance of your campaigns to adjust your course of action

Link all your databases and activities together

Centralized operational center at your fingertips

TAWASOL™ Manufacturing Resources Planning will be your smart choice for handling your integrated operations in case you have a central warehouse, central procurement unit, central production lines and central management offi¬ce (Headquarters).
Tawasol ™ can come in handy in case of having several sales branches on one central database for all of your corporate activities with smart data integrity among all the repositories and your headquarters.

Information Accessibility

Gather and link information to grant a smooth production and operational cycle.

Central Management Module

Central headquarters management

Warehousing Module

Oversee all of your inventory management activities

Production Management

Manage your central kitchen operations; create Production documents and bills of materials

Purchasing Module

Create Purchasing Orders driven by multi-requisitions

Reporting tool

Create detailed reports and supplying advise functions

Your Ultimate Operational Center

Central Management

Manage your central kitchen, central warehouse and supply chain operations

Informative Integration

Grant a smooth production cycle and exert detailed reports on all of your operations

Purchasing and Supplying

Create Purchasing and Supplying advise functions driver by multi-requisitions

Hire the product that reflects efficiency and experience

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