Build your Customer Database

Analyze your Channels' performance

Trace the orders history

The smart solution for handling all of your delivery orders

Especially tailored to grant full-control

CRM solution designed only for your F&B delivery operations. Hala allows you to lively track your orders, check your inventory, handle customers’ complaints and follow-ups, analyze your advertising channels
,explore your customers’ preferences and order history and more by using multi-connectivity options. Moreover, you can customize your delivery fees based on zones or order amount using percentage or fixed amount.

Efficient Tracking

Monitor order status and delivery availability

Customer Satisfaction

Manage customers' complaints

Inventory Management

Monitor your stock level

Monitor Performance

Categorize orders by leading channel

Order History

Explore Clients' preferences and order history

Flexible Pricing

Assign Delivery fees by zones

The simply-efficient CRM module


Lively monitor the stock level, order status and delivery availability

Customer-Database Management

Oversee and manage your customers' information, order history and complaints


Categorize orders by leading channel, assign delivery fees, manage multi-chains' operations and more.

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